The Silent Sustainability Company to Watch

It's no surprise from my previous posts that I'm a Brand Ambassador for Harvst and the you'll often see me either promoting their work, talking about the benefits of using the system, or their crafty automated setup. You might be thinking to yourself that I'm going to have an unbiased point of view and always like what they promote. Whilst part of that might be true, a lot of what I stand for in life is centred around facts and figures; I wouldn't intentionally promote a company or idea without it being grounded in truth. I will always give my honest opinion on topics - ask anyone that I know.

Initially, I think when people see the product, it might just seem like any other greenhouse they've seen on the market: compact, useful, and gives you some extra space to grow. It is true that it achieves these functions, but there are several other features that set this product apart from its competitors. In fact, I would strongly urge other companies to keep a close eye on this silently winning sustainable company.

Let's start with the facts:

  • Harvst has been shortlisted for the Wales Start Up Awards as Regional Finalists 2021/22

  • They've been able to be fully backed on Kickstarter within 6 days for a solar-powered WaterMate system which uses rainwater from your waterbutt to automatically water your raised beds

  • 99% of the consumer packaging is made from recycled materials

  • The greenhouse reduces carbon output from food miles by growing food onsite

  • It saves on water costs through rainwater capture and automated usage

And the list goes on. Based on these few points listed above, can you immediately name other greenhouses that achieve the same sustainability goal? In fact, name another company which is so deep-rooted in helping the environment that they've signed up to the Welsh Government's Green Growth Pledge and are seeking formal environmental accreditation.

As a humanity, there's proof in the news, with those around you, and in in the climate how important it is to look after nature. Topics such as the environment, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity are very hot topics and here to stay for the foreseeable future... and they're only going to continue to become more popular. In fact, we're surrounded by it even when you go grocery shopping in terms of labelling (have a look next time you're out).

So, the next time you're considering a simple purchase such as a greenhouse (or anything for that matter), I urge you to pause for a minute and consider the sustainability side of things. It might be one small greenhouse, but the collective work of everyone can lead to a better world for each of us to live in.

If you're curious about purchasing a Harvst greenhouse, but you're hesitant on the costs, then let me help you! I've included my code kitchengardener to get 10% off.
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